fredag 27. november 2009

Francisco Porcella, about Jaws 25.11.09

I invited Francisco Porcella, on the picture below, to write some few words as a guest writer about his Jaws experience 25.11.09. Here it is under the picture:
Francisco Porcella:
Stocked you sticked around for the windsurf session ;) we towed all day till that rain picked up and the wind started blowing around 4:30 We had the lucture of having Josh Stone's boat righ on the channel with food water and space to stack out windsurf gear, nice to be there with all the boys like Kai Katchdorian, Keith Teboul, Josh Stone, Polakaw, Robby Naish ( witch left before the wind) Rudy Castorina and most of all Francisco Goya witch was his first time windsurfing Jaws.. so pretty special day for all of us! We had some great waves tow-in and they say I had the best wipe out of all times.. skipping down the face of the wave on my back looking at the barrel about to go over me, and then i get barreled over the falls and get worked like a rag doll.. so after that I definitely learned my lesson, and need to get a Jaws board couse my Sprecks board is not gonna work here.. anyway got some more waves after that and actually got more confidence on how much of a pounding I can handle (I can go bigger). Then the wind came and we had a great time catching some nice ones at the end of the day ;) stocked on yesterday and today is an other day.. so keep on shooting Tormod ;) Aloha and Mahalo

Nyra Alonso took some cool pixtures of the day. She catched a photo of the "skipping down the face of the wave on my back" Porcella is writing about. Look at Alonso's blog, even with a video from the day.

About wipe out, I got a picture of one surfer in front of the white water..the picture speak for it selves...I dont know who the surfer is.

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Anonym sa...

hi tormod,

thanks again for the wine and have safe flight back home.



George Markopoulos sa...

looks like you had an epic trip Tormod!

Magnum sa...

Hello Tormod,

Your blog rocks! Looks very cool and professional. Can I ask you how to place sticky posts like the ones you have at the top of your blog?
I've tried to find some google gadget for that but have not succeeded.
Good wind and waves wherever you are.

tormod sa...

Thanks’ Magnum, you can't imagine how mush your comment warm my amateur web designer brain. A professional look was my goal. About editing the blog template, sorry to say it has been mush mush work, and even more work and after that testing and more work to get tings work on all browsers the most difficult IE6.
About sticky posts, do you mean flash header, the black menu line or the “topic” cloud on the right side? feel free to send me a mail by the contact formula, And I can give you some sites to look at.
Mush of the site is not made by gadgets, but by xhtml coding. And if I use a gadget I go into the xhtml code to place the gadget where I want to have it.