lørdag 26. september 2009

Super nice windsurf at Lower Kanaha

I had a super fine windsurf at lower Kanaha today. Even when I in 2008 was windsurfing up to mast high, I now sort of have to start all over regarding feel relaxed out there in the impactzone. For me these days have been absolutely perfect. Started Wednesday and Thursday with friendly waves around knee high. And to day bigger around up to head high plus, wish now is in my comfort zone. I am that person who not necessarily say the bigger it is the better it is. I am more the cleaner it is the better it is. So today A perfect day, In my impression it started with smaller waves and got bigger during my sessions. So then perfect for my steps in comfort zone witch until now have given me a fast progress.
Here some pictures of lover Kanaha, to give an impression of the conditions to day.