søndag 13. september 2009

Soon Maui again, and some funny reflections!

Ohhh I look forward to come back to Maui, here one of my favorite pictures from 2008.
Picture from sprecks

But before I travel, I have a lot of work to do, and therefore not any more time left to windsurf here on my home spots, so then... I have already started to find things I want to have with me..t-shirts surf-shorts and just starting to pack a bit. So here the funny part of it, and meant as a joke to my readers, and sort of reflect my sometimes way of humor.
I have a long history as a singer, been standing on stages in different ensembles…as an example here on y-tube. To perform on a stage as on the video directly sent on TV to a lot of countries also give a kick kind of similar to the kick you get when you go windsurfing. But when you stand in a wave and have control, it gives you even more kick, so now I go windsurfing more than stand on stage.

It is me nr 2 from right about 3 min out in the movie. I have been singing since I was a child and always when you go on an important trip for sing somewhere in the world it is a kind of audition, or it is audition to be in an ensemble.
So therefore the audition part of it I have moved it to the things I am going to take with me to Maui. I sort of give the things a personality and all of them scream to me.. “take me with you to Maui” My coolest surf shorts know they are secure to be with on the trip and have already started to boast to other unsecure almost discarded t-shirts and others of how awesome it's going to be. My Jeans have maybe the most difficult part. You know on Maui, you maybe only need some Jeans when going out on Jacque's on a Thursday or Saturday evening/night, so when I now open my wardrobe all the jeans scream to me "look here how cool I am," think how cool I would be on Jacque's in Paia. But the hardest part is my 76 liter rww jp board (on pix below) who I like so much, always been with me on a lot of extremely nice short or long distance trip. I don’t yet have had the hart to tell him that he/she has to stay home this time. He/she don’t know there are two new and fresh custom boards with 4 fins each waiting for me at Maui. He/she is still lying there in the board storage area an talking to all the other surf gear of all the surf trip he/she have been with on, and talk about Maui, how cool it is there, and how cool it would be once again to be out on Kanaha or Sprecks. To morrow I will tell my board the hard fact, and I think he/she will understand and look forward to meet the new boards later on in some months from now.
So then for me the week to come much work, and then probably next post from Maui…again…..ohhhhhhh I almost cant wait.

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George Markopoulos sa...

I do the same thing Tormod. and hey, my boards talk back to me...


Have fun in maui. do lots of blog posts. I'll be watching.

tormod sa...

He he..that's cool GM, so then it's not only me thinking like this :-)
We should start a support group for our left over gear, and they can talk about old days, and maybe they talk not nice things about the new gear who think they are something.
For sure I will blog a lot from Maui, I have also done some upgrade of my photo equipment, and hope to take some cool pix. Cool if you want to follow now an then! :-) For sure I follow your blogs over there in Hatteras, looks like you have had some good conditions, and you have the wanted fall already :-)