tirsdag 22. september 2009

Ho'okipa surf, testing my new camera lens

No wind today, but some swell. I had a photo shoot at Ho'okipa, testing out my new camera lens and filter.

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Christian Nybø sa...

Hi Tormod,

Long time!

I kinda knew that you (and Dag) windsurfed, but had no idea that you were this dedicated. Cool to bump into you so many years after eating burgers provided by your mother at the choir's summer camp.

tormod sa...

That's sooo cool CN! As I understand you windsurf as well? And about Dag, strange you mention him now, in fact he came to Maui today. I have just picked him up from the Airport! :-)

mystery bob sa...

Tormod, Those photos are excellent and for your first session with that lens; Cool.
Big surf for three days expected.
I saw a guy that looked a lot like you (but more handsome) at Kanaha this afternoon with a beautiful quad custom.
I hope your friends arrived safely. Tomorrow, Bob