søndag 8. mars 2009

Kikut tuesday evening

I had again an extreamy nice cross country trip in Nordmarka norh in Oslo.
I managed to go all the way into kikut befour it was dark, and had then a nice trip back home with my home made head light. The conditions was now a bit more wet and clouded than it was in the weekend. The picture, taken by mobilephone is from kikut right befour it went dark.

3 kommentarer:

George Markopoulos sa...

Hey Tormod! Glad to see you back on the blog! spring is here my friend!

Anonym sa...

Great to se that you are out skiing as well, I was at Kikut on saturday, on my way from Movatn via Tømte and Gørja. Ended up at Kobberhaugen before skiing all the way dow to Tåsen Skole, totaly about 30 km
More pictures here; http://picasaweb.google.no/Sigurdwebalbum/Winter2009

Pål Rype sa...

AAH winter in the Oslo forest,one of the things i miss living here on the west coast is the complete lack of a proper forest !